Japanese used trucks and mobile cranes for sale and export.
Japanese used dump trucks and 10 wheeler large dump trucks for sale and export. GTE exports Japanese used vacuum trucks, garbage trucks, elevator trucks, man lifting trucks, concrete mixer trucks, car carrier trucks, flat bed self loader trucks and heavy machinery carriers. We also export used crane trucks, tank trucks and trailer head trucks from Japan. Import used aluminum body trucks and freezer trucks from GTE in Japan. GTE also export used mobile cranes from Japan. Click here to continue to the Japanese used and new vehicle order form.
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Fuso > Supper great 10 ton dump truck
1997, in very good condition, 584000 km, 8DC11 engine

Hino Ranger > Concrete mixer
1999, KK-GD1JEDA, Hino 5 ton Concrete mixer, 6F manual, AC, PS, PW, Kayaba 4.4 m3, M22C engine, sleeper bed, 175900 km

Hino > U-FS2KKBD
1993, 10 ton, 10 wheels, DR11-02S, manual 6F, no turbo, air brake, AC, PS, PW

Hino > 10 wheels 10 ton dump
P-FS630BD, 1987, Hino 10 wheels 10 ton dump, manual, 84450 km

Hino > Hino 10 wheels 10 ton dump
U-FS3FKBD, manual, 10 wheels, 10 ton, AC, PS, PW, 378000 km

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